There is an art to coaching. With the overall mission of helping our clients achieve their goals, we utilize every tool we possess – our coaching skills, business experience, knowledge base, and sometimes even our contacts. We listen, question, challenge, share information, and offer different perspectives to help our clients learn, grow, move into action, and achieve results.

Coaching for Results
In Coaching for Results, we work with individuals to help achieve organizational objectives. These objectives often include helping individuals become more effective leaders or make a successful transition to a new position.

We first meet with the appropriate people to define what a successful outcome would look like from the organization’s perspective. We then meet with the individual to discuss the coaching process, identify focus areas, and define success from his/her perspective. We gather data from assessments and stakeholder interviews, and then work with the individual to create a development plan and move into action. The goal is to achieve the organization’s and individual’s desired outcomes in a long-term and sustainable manner.

Coaching for Women and People of Color
We are often called upon to coach women and people of color. We understand the underlying cultural values which may impact behaviors, as well as the unique challenges faced by women and people of color. By combining our understanding of these cultural factors, our expertise in leadership and diversity, and our coaching model, we help women and people of color step up and contribute fully as leaders within their organizations. (See Diversity & Inclusion for more information)

Coaching to Reinforce Learning
Coaching to Reinforce Learning increases the impact of a learning initiative. Participants often leave a well-designed and executed learning program energized and ready to move into action. All too frequently, their motivation wanes as they return to the reality of their daily work environments. Coaching to Reinforce Learning helps participants implement what they learned by providing a structure for reflection, action, and accountability.